DEWT4 Sketchnotes

The 4th DEWT peer conference took place over the weekend 7-9 Februari at Hotel Bergse Bossen Driebergen, the Netherlands. DEWT is a conference that falls into the series of peer conferences on testing like LAWST, LEWT and SWET. The central theme was Teaching Software Testing, in all its life-forms.

During this workshop I made notes in the form of sketchnotes.

I made a conference poster during the introduction


An experience report by Kristoffer Nordstöm: Learning and Change in a Dysfunctional Organisation


An experience report by Arjen Verweij: Preaching Software Testing – Teaching Non-Testers


An experience report by Markus Gärtner: Training From the Back of the Room!


An experience report by Bart Broekman: Back to the Middle Ages


An experience report by Duncan Nesbit: You Can’t Learn to Drive by Reading a Book


An experience report by Angela van Son: 30 Day Video Challenge – What Made It Work?


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