Let’s Test 2013 Sketchnotes

The Let’s Test testing conference was held from may 19-22 in Runö, Sweden, which is close to Stockholm. It was one of the best software testing conferences I’ve been to in my career. I think that the main reasons for this experience was the community feeling that was present and the deep conversations I had with many people.

During the peer conference, which is one day before the main conference, and the main conference I made a few sketchnotes. Sessions at a peer conference consist of two parts, a short presentation, 10-15 minutes, and a large Q&A part. This gave an extra dimension to my sketchnotetaking which I didn’t experience before. It was difficult because it was hard to cache ideas and hard to antcipate on what was coming. This shows in the resulting sketchnotes below I think. Sometimes I missed something that I wanted to capture because I couldn’t remember the exact idea or I had to improvise with the layout. The sketchnotetaking at the main conference was intensive but much easier to do because the sessions were mainly unidirectional. The sketchnotes of the main conference were already published via twitter right after the sessions, often before the presenter had left the stage. In this post I publish them again together with the notes I made during the peer conference, but now properly scanned.

Let’s Wet Peer Conference



Main conference

How do I Know I am Context-Driven?
James Bach

Becoming a Kick-Ass Test Manager
Johanna Rothman
Slides + audio

What is Good Evidence?
Griffin Jones

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