Let’s Test 2014 Sketchnotes

The Let’s Test testing conference was held from May 26-28 in Runö, Sweden, which is close to Stockholm. During some talks I created a sketchnote which I tweeted just after the talk was over but before the audience left the room. The versions below are scanned versions that have a higher resolution.








DEWT4 Sketchnotes

The 4th DEWT peer conference took place over the weekend 7-9 Februari at Hotel Bergse Bossen Driebergen, the Netherlands. DEWT is a conference that falls into the series of peer conferences on testing like LAWST, LEWT and SWET. The central theme was Teaching Software Testing, in all its life-forms.

During this workshop I made notes in the form of sketchnotes.

I made a conference poster during the introduction


An experience report by Kristoffer Nordstöm: Learning and Change in a Dysfunctional Organisation


An experience report by Arjen Verweij: Preaching Software Testing – Teaching Non-Testers


An experience report by Markus Gärtner: Training From the Back of the Room!


An experience report by Bart Broekman: Back to the Middle Ages


An experience report by Duncan Nesbit: You Can’t Learn to Drive by Reading a Book


An experience report by Angela van Son: 30 Day Video Challenge – What Made It Work?


An Example of a Product Ecology for Testers

The theme of the DEWT3 peer conference (april 2013) was systems thinking. At this conference I shared an experience in which I presented the diagram below. This diagram is a visual representation of a lighting system for car parkings and its ecosystem.


At Let’s Test 2013 (may 2013), I showed Michael Bolton this diagram and I asked him to help me find a name for it. Michael suggested project ecosystem and project ecology to describe this model but I’d like to call it a Product Ecology for Testers because the focus of the diagram is on the products (solution) and the product’s context.

The concept of a Product Ecology for Testers requires a description about what it is and what it is not, including examples. At this moment however, the concept of a Product Ecology for Testers is in an exploratory phase. After having a Skype session with James Bach about the diagram, he suggested to me to write a report for the purpose of explaining to others who might be interested in this way of analyzing a product what this diagram shows.

The report is available here: An Example of a Product Ecology for Testers

Let’s Test 2013 Sketchnotes

The Let’s Test testing conference was held from may 19-22 in Runö, Sweden, which is close to Stockholm. It was one of the best software testing conferences I’ve been to in my career. I think that the main reasons for this experience was the community feeling that was present and the deep conversations I had with many people.

During the peer conference, which is one day before the main conference, and the main conference I made a few sketchnotes. Sessions at a peer conference consist of two parts, a short presentation, 10-15 minutes, and a large Q&A part. This gave an extra dimension to my sketchnotetaking which I didn’t experience before. It was difficult because it was hard to cache ideas and hard to antcipate on what was coming. This shows in the resulting sketchnotes below I think. Sometimes I missed something that I wanted to capture because I couldn’t remember the exact idea or I had to improvise with the layout. The sketchnotetaking at the main conference was intensive but much easier to do because the sessions were mainly unidirectional. The sketchnotes of the main conference were already published via twitter right after the sessions, often before the presenter had left the stage. In this post I publish them again together with the notes I made during the peer conference, but now properly scanned.

Let’s Wet Peer Conference



Main conference

How do I Know I am Context-Driven?
James Bach

Becoming a Kick-Ass Test Manager
Johanna Rothman
Slides + audio

What is Good Evidence?
Griffin Jones

DEWT3 Sketchnotes

I take notes all the time. I carry a paper notebook with me that I use at meetings, workshops and conferences. I also use it as a diary and for capturing ideas. After reading The Sketchnote Handbook: the illustrated guide to visual note taking recently, I decided to give sketchnoting a try at the third Dutch Exploratory Workshop in Testing that took place over the weekend 20 – 21 April 2013.

In preparation of the workshop I draw a poster. I used this exercise to select a convenient pen and other materials. With an almost empty visual library, I was left with only my imagination. The results are below.

Workshop poster DEWT3 Poster

A lecture by James Bach: What is Systems Thinking?

DEWT3: What is Systems Thinking?

A lecture by Rik Marselis: Besturings Paradigma

DEWT3: Besturings Paradigma

An experience report by Derk-Jan de Grood: Who’s Influencing Who?

DEWT3: Who's Influencing Who

An experience report by James Bach: Coaching Space

DEWT3: Coaching Space

An experience report by Michael Philips: Test Automation in Agile

DEWT3: Test Automation in Agile

An experience report by Joris Meerts: What is a Good Tester?

DEWT3: What is a Good Tester?

An experience report by James Bach: Credibility

DEWT3: Credibility